Play Stock Exchange: Simulation

For those who want to play stock exchange simulation means being able to simulate operations on the stock markets. The simulation is done through a demo platform, i.e. a platform where you can operate with virtual funds. All operations are equal to those of a real account, with the only difference that there are no risks for the user. Practice is important, so stock market simulation allows you to learn much faster and more effectively.

If you want to try trading on the stock exchange without risking anything, we recommend you try one of the free demo trading platforms. No deposit is required. Among others, we recommend Plus500.

Playing On The Stock Exchange For Fake, With CFDs

In the case of the simulation you can really use the expression play on the stock exchange, which although it is widely used in the jargon, is in some respects criticizable because in fact operating in the financial markets is certainly not a game. In any case, although it is also the name of our site, we have always made it clear from the beginning that playing on the stock exchange is not a game, but an activity that must be taken seriously.

Although you play pretend, with the stock market simulation you can get familiar with the dynamics of the market, thus learning to understand what factors can affect the dynamics of stock prices, as well as learn to understand what are the best times to enter the market with upward and downward positions.

In this regard, please note that we specialize in CFD trading on our website. CFDs (Contracts for Difference) are financial instruments that can be traded upwards and downwards. So instead of buying or selling shares, which would cost you a higher price, with longer bureaucracy time, you can trade CFDs “buy” or “sell” depending on whether you want to trade up or down.

With CFDs, then, you can trade upwards if you think the price of a security will rise in value. Conversely, you can trade downwards if you think the price of a security will fall in value.

The basic mechanism is simple. What you can learn with the simulation of trading on the stock exchange are precisely the dynamics related to the market. Remember that CFDs replicate the performance of the underlying assets, so for example a Ferrari CFD will replicate the performance of the Ferrari stock on the Stock Exchange.

Play On The Stock Exchange: App

There are also apps to play on the stock exchange with simulation, i.e. apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone. This allows you to trade on the stock exchange wherever you are. Brokers generally offer apps that are compatible with operating systems that are a little more backwards in comparison to newer ones, so even if you don’t have the latest iOS, Android, or Windows Phone model available, take a look because you’re likely to find one that works for you.

Please note: choose it among those offered by the brokers we mentioned on our website. Otherwise, you may run into unauthorized brokers and platforms that are not working.

If you’re specifically looking for a stock market simulator for Android, we recommend certain platforms including Plus500 and Markets. These work great for both Android and iOS, so regardless of your operating system, you’ll appreciate the trading app.

Trading Simulation App, Created to Fit Your Smartphone

The trading simulation app works in the same way as a “desktop” platform, i.e. for computers. Obviously, a trading simulation app must adapt the functionality and graphics to the screen of the mobile device you are using, so it will never be exactly the same as you can see on your computer, but organized differently. What matters, however, is not the layout of the windows but the operation and speed. You will see that the trading simulation apps of the brokers we recommend will not disappoint you.

A very interesting aspect is that with a single account you can access the trading platform from any device you want: pc, notebook, tablet, smartphone. You can simply log in with your login data (email and password), the same that are used to register a demo account.

That’s right: to open a demo account, i.e. an account that allows you to trade simulated on the stock exchange, all you need is an email and a password of your choice. Just a few seconds and you’re done. To download the app, of course, a few more seconds (the time to download and access it).

App To Play In Virtual Purse, Free

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. The app to play on the stock exchange is free, as well as the demo that brokers make available for those who want to try their platform on the computer. Apps make no difference. They are not trial apps with additional services, but complete trading apps ready to be used in both demo and real version. Since we are talking about simulation, let’s stay where you touch, i.e. stay on demo versions with virtual funds.

The free aspect is not insignificant. In fact, the best brokers allow potential new users and all interested parties to try their platform for free for as long as they want.

Some brokers ask to open a real account anyway (even without depositing but providing their personal data), while others even ask for a deposit. Anyway, be aware that there are brokers who do not ask for a deposit or to provide all the credentials. This is the case with Plus500. Of course, if you decide to switch to the real account afterwards, you will be asked for all the necessary data, standard, to open it.

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