Play Handbags on Android: The Best App

What are the best apps for playing purse games with Android devices? In this article, I’ll show you some of my favorites and explain why. For each android trading app I’ll show you the features and try to give you some information so you know which one is best for you. You can choose the one that’s right for you based on your level of experience, your trading preferences, the type of interface you prefer, etc.

Trading Apps On Android For Those Starting From Scratch

Let’s start from scratch, i.e., those who have zero online trading experience and have an Android smartphone. If you’ve never played the stock market before, which app is right for you?

You need to choose one that is intuitive, i.e. that allows you to be understood even by those who have never used it. In practice, they must be easy to navigate and immediately make you understand where the main functions are (at least): how to choose a security, how to set a position, how to view the chart, how to open a position and close it. These are the basic pillars, around which then move the most specific and complex functions.

For those who start from scratch, here are two interesting apps for Android:

  1. 24option: this is a very simple to use app, which allows you to easily choose the asset to trade on, based on a list that you can filter to display one or more categories between stocks, currencies, commodities, Forex, etc.. Equally simple is the order setting part, where you can choose the amount to trade, stop loss, take profit and any pre-order. Among the disadvantages of this app are: the display of the chart, not so intuitive at first but with a bit of practice becomes effective; the details of CFDs, which must be retrieved from a separate window; the margin preview, the preview of the amount of credit required to open the position, which does not appear but can be calculated not too easily through the CFD details. Among the most obvious advantages, besides the ease of opening a position, there is the possibility to practice with a demo account without deposit required. To try the 24option app you can download it from this page without obligation.
  2. Plus500: is one of the clearest and most intuitive Android trading apps on the market. Let’s say right away that you can start practicing in seconds as the demo account only requires an email and password setting. The platform’s interface is very intuitive and allows you to have everything at your fingertips and at your fingertips. It is a very convenient platform to use. In fact, very pleasant. A large number of assets are easily selectable, graph always in view, the order window that also shows the preview of the amount of the position according to the parameters entered. The details of CFDs, always easy to consult. In short, an app for Android of valuable invoice and an example to follow for the others. If you want to try the Plus500 app you can download it from here and start immediately.

App For Playing The Stock Market On Android At An Advanced Level

If you have a few months or a few years of practice behind you, you could move to a more advanced level and trade like real trading professionals. How? With the MetaTrader app, full of features for technical analysis, with the ability to view multiple charts at once and therefore well suited for the more professional traders.

MetaTrader is not for everyone, as unlike the basic platforms provided by brokers, it is not designed to be intuitive even for those starting from scratch. It is a platform that needs a few instructions to know, which is why we have published a guide to MetaTrader that can be viewed online on our website and that you can read as many times as you like.

At this time of writing, MetaTrader has over 10 million downloads on the Play Store and an average of 4.6 out of 5 reviews. On such a large number of installations and reviews, it’s not bad, I’d say, right?

My review is this: it’s an amazing and highly professional app. You can try it for free with a demo account from here and then (if you want and when you want) you can start playing for real money on the stock market using the same app, while still logging in with your real account.

If you use our link above, you will receive an email with all your login details: username and password for MetaTrader 4.

Choose an app to play the stock market according to your trading preferences

Everyone has their own trading style, their own preferences. For example, there are those who prefer to have more tradable assets available. Others, however, prefer a certain type and therefore brokers who offer a wide variety.

Let’s say you like the idea of stock trading on the stock exchange: which app for Android should you choose? If you like to browse through little-known stocks, then you should choose an app that has a lot of them, like Plus500. If you only need the most important ones, but still have a lot of them, then you can choose 24option.

Do you prefer cryptocurrency? There are some apps for playing the stock market on Android that have a lot of them, like IQ Option. This app allows you to choose from around 20 cryptocurrencies to trade on, although it has the disadvantage of not offering leverage, as other brokers do (Plus500, for example, which allows you to trade on leveraged cryptocurrencies).

As far as Forex is concerned, all the apps now offer the possibility to trade on all major currencies. The difference between one and the other can make the spread, since there are brokers who offer a lower spread than others. The spread is the difference between the bid and ask price, i.e. between the price of “buy” and “sell”, or rather between the long (up) and short (down) position. This represents a cost applied by the broker so the lower (narrow) the more convenient it is. The best brokers offer the tightest spreads.

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